Posted in October 2013

Parkers Farm – Methode Traditionelle Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier

“Oww the bubbles are burning my tongue!” Recently on a wine tour, one of the other members was an employee of Dan Murphy’s. After talking to him and discussing the brands Woolworths owned, I decided I should at least try them, I mean I’m aware they’re not doing the wine industry huge favours pushing wine … Continue reading


What impresses me in Cellar Door Employees?

Working a cellar door isn’t just pouring wine and making up terms for how the wine smells and tastes, well hopefully it isn’t. I want knowledge, real knowledge, more than I could get myself if I read the tasting notes in front of me. Firstly, make people with little wine knowledge feel comfortable. There are … Continue reading