Bons Ventos Vinho Regional Lisboa Tinto 2009

Buying this wine was quite lucky, I was just in Vintage Cellars for a look and came across this. It was trying the new varieties that really had me hooked; Castelao, Camarate, Tinta Miuda and the slightly more familiar Touriga Nacional. I pretended to browse the rest of the store while looking up the grapes – there wasnt much, this made the bottle even more of a must have, especially for $10! Vinho Regional Lisboa is the equivalent of French Vin de Pays, it was grown along the coast in Limestone soil.

Wow. For a cheap bottle of wine, wow. The bright purple in the glass drew me in from the first pour. It had a smopth vanilla and black cherry aroma, certainly none of dried fruit my last Portuguese wine had, I still think it would have been better if it was made into port.

The first sip yielded perfect balanced tannin; ripe, soft but with enough presence to be felt. It was medium dry, there was a slight sweetness, but definitely no more than would be found in some Australian Cab Sauvs. The second and further sips showed a complexity that is very rarely present in a $10 bottle of red.

This will definitely be one I’ll be purchasing again. I hope one day I’ll be able to try the varieties seperately, I may have to start searching!




2 thoughts on “Bons Ventos Vinho Regional Lisboa Tinto 2009

  1. Congrats for continuing to try wines of the world. Yes there are really good wines from other countries that are great buys and go really well with our aussie cuisine. Also with Portugal and Spain, as their economies slide, their better wines are cheaper now than ever.

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