About me

I finally started this after much deliberation over whether I had anything interesting and original to say, then realised I’m going to say it anyway because wine is my passion.

Despite the looks of horror from my office, on the frequency I get wine delivered (the postman once got wine to me despite the wrong address, he guessed it was wrong and brought it here first), and the comments from friends about spending too much, wine is my love, my hobby and one of the things that when people ask me about I can’t shut up.

So hopefully having this will help me stop boring my house mates and friends, and people that are interested will find and enjoy it.

If anyone wants to contact me please feel free to email me allister.smith1@gmail.com or send me a message on twitter. 


4 thoughts on “About me

    • I just followed you now. I love how much of your posts are about sharing wine. That’s one of my favourite parts about wine, sharing something new with friends is such a great feeling, it makes it worthwhile. That and wine is very delicious of course.

  1. Yes, glad that comes across. I wrote about that explicitly in “The Secret Ingredient in Wine” post. Keep writing what you are passionate about!

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