Where I’ve purchased wines

Wickman’s Wine Auctions – Wickman’s Auctions is highly recommended with excellent service.

Direct Wine Cellars – These guys have lots of frequent and great sales, this is where I’ve found lots of new Italian varietals, they’ve also recently got South African wines in which I can’t wait to try!

Belair Fine Wines – If you are ever up near Belair, I can’t give this independent retailer a higher recommendation. A wide range, highly knowledgeable and helpful staff. Also here on twitter.

Wine Market – Wine Market has lots of regular specials, a few were export items not normally available.

Get Wines Direct – Get Wines Direct is a tad annoying as you have to sign up to view the website (I hate websites that do this) but once you’re inside it has lots of reasonable offers.

Vinomofo – A ‘deal of the day’ style website, I’ve always received fast delivery and prompt customer service.

Wine Direct – I was getting mixed dozens from here for a while, I’ve found some of my favourites from this style of buying.

Winery Lane – Another sign up website, I haven’t purchased from here lately because I have so much, but it seems to have great specials on higher end wines.

First Choice – It’s owned by one of the major supermarkets BUT it’s within walking distance. So sue me, I’m lazy.

NOTE: VERY IMPORTANT! Where possible, independently verify ratings and reviews, this is standard advice for buying anything online. 


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