Borgo Cipressi Toscana 2011 (Sangiovese)

Tonight after a lovely email, I am getting back into my wine blog, as tough as it ever is to drink and write about wine.

After a fair bit of Shiraz and Cab Sauv on the weekend I wanted something different; luckily in my select collection I still had a bottle of lovely Borgo Cipressi Toscana from Direct Wine Cellars.

This was a perfect wine to go with my pasta, I really couldnt have picked something better. It was such a nice change to have something a bit lighter than the heavy shiraz I’d had over the weekend.

A beautiful garnet colour, but it seemed (from memory at least) a bit darker than many of the Australian sangioveses I’ve had.

I just love the earthiness that comes from Italian and French wine, especially when it comes to the nose.

I found a lovely balanced palate, with again slightly more tannins than their Australian counterparts.

Overall this was a brilliant wine to break a heavy shiraz streak, and I’m forever amazed about the huge differences between the same grape grown in different parts of the world.




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