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What impresses me in Cellar Door Employees?

Working a cellar door isn’t just pouring wine and making up terms for how the wine smells and tastes, well hopefully it isn’t. I want knowledge, real knowledge, more than I could get myself if I read the tasting notes in front of me. Firstly, make people with little wine knowledge feel comfortable. There are … Continue reading

Bons Ventos Vinho Regional Lisboa Tinto 2009

Buying this wine was quite lucky, I was just in Vintage Cellars for a look and came across this. It was trying the new varieties that really had me hooked; Castelao, Camarate, Tinta Miuda and the slightly more familiar Touriga Nacional. I pretended to browse the rest of the store while looking up the grapes … Continue reading

Borgo Cipressi Toscana 2011 (Sangiovese)

Tonight after a lovely email, I am getting back into my wine blog, as tough as it ever is to drink and write about wine. After a fair bit of Shiraz and Cab Sauv on the weekend I wanted something different; luckily in my select collection I still had a bottle of lovely Borgo Cipressi … Continue reading

Mystery Wines

I have a confession. I am addicted to signing up to most wineries mailing lists and other wine sales email lists I can find. It’s a problem. I know I do it. I don’t really need to, but yet I can’t stop myself. I do enjoy perusing the many wines on my lunch hour and … Continue reading

Low GI Shiraz? Summer Hues 2010 Shiraz

  Summer Hues Shiraz 2010 – Miranda – $11 Okay first off, I bought this expecting to hate it. I like full bodied wines, I dislike the idea of taking something like wine and bastardising it to fit in with some diet, that will inevitably be broken within a week or two in some huge … Continue reading

Ingoldby Grenache Shiraz 2011

I had a realisation this afternoon that most people who have been reading this aren’t as likely to go out and search for the odd wines that I seem to gravitate towards, so for this review I went to the local bottle shop and bought this hoping that it was more easily accessible, the reasonable … Continue reading

An unplanned visit to Langhorne Creek

When I woke up on Sunday I had every intention of attending the Adelaide Hills ‘Winter Reds’ Festival, but when Luke and I arrived at the first vineyard and saw the number of cars we quickly  realised it wasn’t really what we wanted. I prefer going to cellar doors when there are less people there so I … Continue reading