First Post – Wine Ratings

Wine ratings mean different things to lots of people, and it seems today (from what I’ve seen on twitter @allistersmith1) that some people are rather against them. This of course being brought on by the James Halliday Wine Companion 2013 being released today and the information being visible online. 

I like wine ratings. I don’t always stick to them but I love reading a great review of a new vineyard or wine that I haven’t heard of before. When I’m out buying wine I normally put more credence in wine ratings than show ratings, as when I’ve based purchases around these I’ve been stung before. 

If it wasn’t for wine ratings, and especially the James Halliday Wine Companion I would think I would have far less wine knowledge (if that’s possible) than I do. However, I sometimes disagree with the ratings. Some wines I’ve tried and liked, then looked up afterwards and they’ve been trashed. Other times I find a highly rated wine nothing special and wonder if the splurge was worth it. 

So overall I think wine ratings are good as they give producers something to strive towards, and even if they aren’t gospel I see nothing wrong with them continuing, as it was today’s release that finally got me to start this blog.

Happy Wine Wednesday! 


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