Auctions! My new (second) favourite to buy wine!!

For a long time I have been subscribed to almost every winery mailing list I can lay my hands on, in addition to several wine websites. This system has worked quite well for me up until this point.

I signed up to Wickman’s Fine Wine Auctions at some point, but it wasn’t until I received an email with the list of July uncontested lots that it really piqued my interest. My wine budget is a bit conservative but I thought I might as well see what was on offer. I couldn’t believe my eyes for some of it, Murray Street Vineyards 2007 The Barossa was on there for a very reasonable price! It was incredible! This is one of my favourite blends and it was just amazing to see it going at this price. With my trusty Halliday Wine Companion website open I was soon cross referencing tasting notes and prices and then bidding on more wines than I had intended. I ended up purchasing a few Chianti, some French Syrah and some bottles of Australian Shiraz, in addition to my dear The Barossa blend. It was exciting to go through the lists and search out wines I’ve enjoyed, and wines that were a bargain price.

It was just so exciting  bidding on the last day of the auction and see whether I was going to be outbid, I didn’t go too far from my computer until after the auction closed! It was a very different experience to just buying wine from a shop or filling in a form online, it felt alive.

I highly recommend that at next auction (mid August) have a look at the lots on offer, I’m sure even the fussiest wine buyer or one on a tight budget will find a few wines they’ll be tempted to bid on!

Has anyone had any experience with wine auctions or advice on strategies? Please comment below.

Happy Bidding!

Oh and just to clarify, my favourite way to buy wine is at the cellar door after tasting and discussing the wine, nothing beats a relaxed afternoon tasting wines in lovely surrounds.


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