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Ahhhh! It’s chardonnay! Everybody Run! (NOT!)

During the Cellar Door Festival in March I overheard many people say “I’ll skip the chardonnay”, and I really don’t understand why. People were acting like they were scared of it! It’s a free taste, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Why anyone would have an apprehension towards trying something new is … Continue reading

Pepperilly Estate Purple Patch 2010

Western Australian wine is something new to this Barossa boy, so I was doubly excited to receive an email offering me this as a sample. Pepperilly Estate are located in the Ferguson Valley, in the Geographe region, one of the many excellent wine regions of Western Australia. Purple Patch is a GSM blend, but the Western … Continue reading

Sensi Collezione Nero D’Avola Sicilia 2011

The Nero D’Avola is another of the Sensi Collezione range that I purchased from Direct Wine Cellars before Christmas but I was yet to try.  This wine had a lovely appearance, on the cusp of ruby/garnet, I’ve been told when it’s younger that the grape has a bit of a dark purple tinge too, I’ll have to … Continue reading

A Marsanne comparison for Monday

Over the weekend I bought two different Marsanne’s to try and compare, the two I picked up were Paul Mas Marsanne from France 2011 and Tahbilk Marsanne 2010 from the NagambieLakes in Victoria. The appearance of both was quite similar, with a pale straw colour, although the Paul Mas seemed to be the lighter of … Continue reading

Pirramimma Eight Carat Shiraz 2010

The wine I’m tasting today is one I picked up on a recent trip to McLaren Vale. One of my favourite parts of driving around wine regions is finding new ones I haven’t been to or even heard of before, one of the better vineyards from this trip was Pirramimma, where I ended up spending … Continue reading

Why I drink out of cheap wine glasses

I don’t care. I mean I’m not drinking out of jars here, I am drinking out of wine glasses with a tall large bowl, medium thickness stem, and a solid base. However, they are not the $20+ per glass Riedel many wine writers recommend or “I won’t get the best out of the wine”. Firstly … Continue reading