Why I drink out of cheap wine glasses

I don’t care. I mean I’m not drinking out of jars here, I am drinking out of wine glasses with a tall large bowl, medium thickness stem, and a solid base. However, they are not the $20+ per glass Riedel many wine writers recommend or “I won’t get the best out of the wine”.

Can you really tell the difference when you drink out of each glass? I can't.

Can you really tell the difference when you drink out of each glass? I can’t.

Firstly I’m an accountant, if I can buy 6 functional glasses for $20, OR 6 Riedel glasses for $120 (that’s their bottom series too!) what am I going to do? Maybe I haven’t been appreciating red wine long enough to really understand or grasp the benefits of going to this next level.

Again my artwork surfaces.

Again my artwork surfaces.

I mean I certainly give the wine room to breath, the shape of the glasses I have allow room for the aroma, however, reaching the next level of descriptors seems beyond me right now. I can’t honestly say I can tell the difference between every damn type of berry and fruit in the first place so trying to get the very very subtle nuances of this seems an exercise in futility. I’m happy spending less on glasses, and getting lovely wines which will taste excellent in the current wine glasses I have.

Final point, when you next go to a cellar door or wine tasting, what glasses do they offer for you to taste their wines? If you can’t appreciate the taste and aromas using their tasting glasses, why do they offer them?


4 thoughts on “Why I drink out of cheap wine glasses

  1. Love your honesty, it’s probably what a lot of wine drinkers really think as well. Good point about the wine tasting… that pretty much proves your point…

  2. I think when you get to the point where the glass makes a difference you are playing in a much higher league than most. A practical but good looking glass might only cost $10 a piece. I’d much rather invest more into my wine collection and as of recently I finally invested into a decent wine rack to display my collection. Online is so much cheaper and I found a 120 bottle wine rack kit from http://www.wineracksite.com and it looks simple but elegant. I’m also spending on a collection from McLaren Vale that should arrive soon so I can finish filling the rack to full capacity. Yay!

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