I don’t like red wine, I only drink some whites

This is a comment I seem to hear a lot from some of my friends. It seems to come around from most people drinking a lot of sweeter drinks like a base spirit and a mixer, and from this the change to a Shiraz or Cab Sauv is a huge leap. To get started with the transition I’d say the first step is trying more rosé.


I am not the biggest fan of rosé, this probably comes from many of the ones I’ve tried being too sweet for my palate. However, the sweetness may help the transition from white to red. I think some of the dry rosés are a good ‘training red’, to hopefully ease people’s taste buds into enjoying red wine.

Beaujolais and Gamay

I tried to find an Australian gamay, but I found few producers, and the cost of a bottle puts it out of the price for some drinkers I know. However, I did find a few Beaujolais at one of the larger liquor giants under $20. I don’t mind Beaujolais in warmer weather, but I think even in winter the light body and soft delicate fruits may be enough to tempt the palate of the most determined exclusive white wine drinker.

If anyone has any varietals of red wine or even vineyards that they think would help my fussier friends, please leave a comment and help them out!


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