TINY UPDATE – Ingoldby Grenache Shiraz review

Just a quick note – I should have realised when it had grenache in it, but when I tried to have another glass last night it had oxidised very fast and wasn’t anywhere near as good. This is a characteristic of grenache and it isn’t a wine fault, but it is something I should have thought of.

Next time I’ll just have to pour everyone in the house a second glass!


2 thoughts on “TINY UPDATE – Ingoldby Grenache Shiraz review

  1. Or get a vinvac that pumps the air out of the bottle and can keep the wine fresh for the next day. They work well.

    • I keep meaning to keep an eye out for one. I was looking at all the options and they got a better review than pouring it into tinier bottles (I’m not that coordinated, and it would unsettle older wines) or using some gas in it? Either way it is on my shopping list, but I think the challenging endeavour of finishing a bottle may not kill me.

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