Low GI Shiraz? Summer Hues 2010 Shiraz


Summer Hues Shiraz 2010 – Miranda – $11

Okay first off, I bought this expecting to hate it. I like full bodied wines, I dislike the idea of taking something like wine and bastardising it to fit in with some diet, that will inevitably be broken within a week or two in some huge unhealthy food gorge. It’s probably more the diet/gym body image focussed society who caused this and the winemaker is only responding to demand, but I’m still closer to a wine purist. I mean I have trouble with a lot of Pinots being too light, but at least they aren’t like this.

Pre-warning you – some of the stuff in this review I’m pretty sure you’re all going to say ‘well duh’ but it still warrants disclosure.

It has a clear bright ruby to violet colour, it was definitely on the cusp of the purple hues. The lower alcohol content really made identifying the nose harder, but I was up for a challenge. I got some standard Shiraz style berry scents, but the rest was a bit lost on me. I have to admit that picking up more subtleties in this was hard due to the lower alcohol content.

The palate had a Victorian Shiraz taste, again the climate in Victoria would have been conducive to assisting the production of this wine. It just tasted weak, the tasting note on the website says that it is full flavoured, if that is so I’m not sure I like the flavour that it is full of. The body was lean with short length.

This wine did not appeal to me and I won’t buy it again. However, looking at my earlier article about friends who only drink red wine, this could be perfect for them! I guess at the end of the day if you took an exclusive heavy metal fan to the opera, they wouldn’t like it. It could be a great opera but they wouldn’t like it. That’s kind of what I’m thinking with this wine. For what it is, it could almost be found refreshing to drink in Summer? Although I’ve personally only rarely ever felt the need to be refreshed by things other than a good red.

For me a rating of 5/10. I’m giving it this from my taste buds, as always with wine there’s a lot of ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. Again someone with a more refined palate may be able to pick up the more subtle differences and parts of this wine, but I just couldn’t.

I’m also still going to finish the bottle, it would be rude not too.


One thought on “Low GI Shiraz? Summer Hues 2010 Shiraz

  1. I’m not a wine expert so I appreciate you writing a full review. I also enjoy the comical side of this review, it was entertaining, blunt, honest and unlike other blogs I have read recently. Great work 😉

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