Annie’s Lane Clare Valley Cabernet Merlot 2009

I’m back. I’ve finally gotten over uni work, exams, the Christmas period and now I’m ready to focus back on wine, and to stop people saying ‘what’s happening with your wine blog’ all of which I have to thank because it has forced me to get into it again.

To start myself back into this I’m reviewing a wine from a winery which is always one of the go to wineries my Dad started me on, Annie’s Lane. This winery and St Hallet’s are the two my Dad always suggests when he can’t pick something else so these two wineries have had a lot of influence over me over the years.

Anyway, onto the wine. I went over to First Choice (conveniently within short walking distance to my house) and they had two bottles from their Annie’s Lane range on special for $22, quite a bargain, from this I chose the 2009 Cab Merlot and the 2010 Shiraz. Unlike some of my other purchases in this price range, I had no fear about buying a crappy wine.

The Cab Merlot went through my amazing vinturi wine aerator and started off with a sweet berries smell, followed by a slightly more subtle earthy smell. The mouthfeel was quite smooth, with soft silky tannins, about what I’d expect from a four year old Cab Merlot. 

The taste was very subtle and mixed with short length. I found the balance came through perfectly with neither overpowering the other.

I think on a warm summer night, a shiraz would have probably been enjoyable (I rarely say no) but a bit too much. A red like this just hit the spot perfectly. Hopefully Laura and I don’t finish it off tonight!

Just kidding, it’s clearly going down 🙂

My photography still isn't amazing.

My photography still isn’t amazing.


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